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"The Intelligence Quotient of Francis Galton in Childhood" is an article from The American Journal of Psychology, Volume 28 . View more articles from The American Journal of Psychology . View this article on JSTOR . View this article's JSTOR metadata . You may also retrieve all of this items metadata in JSON at the following URL:
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by Philippe L. De Coster, D.D.
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'Archetype' defies simple definition. The word derives from a Greek compound of arche and tupos. Arche or 'first principle' points to the creative source, which cannot be represented or seen directly. Tupos, or 'impression', refers to any one of the numerous manifestations of the 'first principle' (Joseph Henderson, from ARAS Vol.1: Archetypal Symbolism p.viii). Jung himself spoke of the "indefiniteness of the archetype, with its multiple meanings" (Collected Works of CG Jung,...
Topics: Psychology, Psychosynthesis, Metaphysics, Occultism, Philosophy
University of Toronto - John M. Kelly Library
by Durkheim, Emile, 1858-1917
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Topic: Sociology
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Œuvre majeur en science des religions.
Topics: Science des religion, EPEC, Weber
Public Library of India
by Blaise Cendrars
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Book Source: Digital Library of India Item 2015.169230 Blaise Cendrars 2015-07-07T01:53:40Z 2015-07-07T01:53:40Z 2004-09-08 1926 dc.identifier: RMSC, IIIT-H dc.identifier.barcode: 2999990041119 dc.identifier.origpath: /data/upload/0041/124 dc.identifier.copyno: 1 dc.identifier.uri: dc.description.numberedpages: 242...
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